Year ‘round on Santa Fe’s Canyon Road: Events and explorations

Sculpture on Canyon Road

People come to Santa Fe for the big events such as Indian Market and the Canyon Road Paint Out. But Canyon Road is a draw year ’round with gallery openings and both natural and historic beauty. The old adobes are picturesque and always are camera-worthy. Canyon Road is a must-do when visiting Santa Fe.


2013 Arts Events on Santa Fe’s Canyon Road

Canyon Road Paint Out

If you love Santa Fe, you’ll be interested in these annual Canyon Road events. The schedule for Passport to the Arts 2013, an annual public art event taking place on historic Canyon Road has been announced. Artists from around the country will visit Santa Fe for this three-day weekend art event. Openings, exhibitions, silent auctions, and receptions for artists will be held at many of the internationally-known galleries and artist studios on Santa Fe’s historic Canyon Road. Headlining Passport to the Arts will be the Artist Quick Draw and Live Auction on Saturday.


Keep it real in Santa Fe: Adventures and cultural treasures await families on vacation

Explore ancient civilizations at Bandelier National Monument

Santa Fe offers the traveling family a different sort of vacation this summer as the destination encourages visitors to ditch shopping malls and theme park roller coasters and instead explore centuries old Anasazi villages and to explore and get their thrills from biking, river rafting and hiking. Here are some suggested Santa Fe attractions for families.


Santa Fe New Mexico at Christmas: Real charm awaits you

Santa Fe in Spanish means “holy faith,” and so it is fitting that Santa Fe is a true Christmas destination. Santa Fe, at Christmas, has all the magic, the lights and the joy that one unfamiliar with New Mexico would look for at a theme park, or commercial Christmas display. But Santa Fe is real. The Christmas celebrations are rooted in faith, history and culture. What you will experience in Santa Fe at Christmas is beautiful, authentic and spiritual. Here are some tips on how to enjoy Christmas in Santa Fe.


Traveling with your dog to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dogs are allowed in the Plaza during most events.(But not all!)

Santa Fe has gone to the dogs. It is one of the most “doggy” towns I have ever been to. There are dog parks, permissive outdoor cafes where dogs can join their people for a gourmet meal, and specialty dog shops. This is one place you’ll want to bring your well-behaved pooch.


Strolling Canyon Road in Santa Fe – Gallery openings

Estella Loretto Sculpture - Canyon Road

One of the main things visitors want to see when they are in Santa Fe is Canyon Road. Lined with galleries and quaint adobe homes, Canyon Road is a major draw. You can find high end art, decorator items for your home and even stop in a quaint cafe for a cup of coffee.