Hemingway is Key West, Florida and vice versa — Part 5

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The final leg of our road trip ends at Hemingway’s House New Year’s Day 2013. Our car trip back home to New Jersey will be filled with good conversation, memories, and even a few souvenirs and pictures of a delightful stay in Key West, Florida.


Zip (Line) A- De-Doo-Dah!!!: A Zip Line Adventure

Zip lining is a treetop canopy adventure with Zip Quest in Fayetteville, NC.


Spend New Years in Key West, Florida – Part 4

Whatever reason you like to “road-trip-it” … be it to visit a particular place in the United States or to avoid the hassles of air travel, you have to have some passion for or about your desired destination. Why else would you go?


Road trip-part 3: Spending New Year’s in Key West, Florida

Looking from Miami down I95 to the Keys

You have to try it once: driving down the Keys to the ultimate of destinations, Key West. I wanted to experience New Year’s Eve celebration. After so many years of watching the crowds in New York City and other parts of the globe, I scribbled in Key West on the top of my bucket list.


Road trips across the United States – Part 2

Leaving Cherokee, North Carolina

Leaving North Carolina via Route 81, we headed south toward Interstate 95, which takes you on a less scenic route through the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and then finally into the Sunshine State of Florida, which was our ultimate destination.


Road trips across the United States – Part 1

The Great Smoky Mountains in the background

It’s easy to access the highways and byways of our great country to begin a road trip any day of the week. All you need is a vehicle, a driver, either a friend or spouse, a few interesting audio books to listen to on the way, a GPS and off you go!