Appalachian Independence Day: Who Needs Fireworks When You Have an Anvil?

Knoxville’s Museum of Appalachia is an authentic re-creation of mountain life, skills, and traditions. The 4th of July celebration features an anvil toss, with anvils sent skyward by exploding black powder.


Today’s reflection of Knoxville-a Civil War victory

Photo Courtesy of ©Jeff Corydon

Did you know that East Tennessee tried to withdraw from its home state to side with the Union in the Civil War?    Comparisons were drawn between this Appalachian section of the state and Switzerland.  Switzerland is famous for it’s wartime neutrality. For one thing, there were very few slaveholders among the hill people who lived… Read More


Knoxville, TN – Cradle of Country Music

Andrew Johnson Hotel ©Jeff Croydon

Knoxville is an unpretentious, pretty city of almost 200,000 nestled in the Appalachian mountains of East Tennessee. It is 40 miles from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the nation’s most visited park. East Tennessee is full of mountain people, Germans, English and Scots-Irish who live in the hills around Knoxville. Its fame comes from its unique mountain culture. Knoxville is one of the central metropolitan areas of Southern Appalachia.


Knoxville-home of Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

Knoxville (Tennessee) is a city of almost 200,000 people and full of surprises. Such a surprise was the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame located in downtown Knoxville. It’s a 32,000 square foot building which has on one end the world’s largest basketball. Located on the north end of the hall the ball weighs 10 tons and sits above a staircase, which is designed to look like a basketball net.