Jersey Strong Alive in Asbury Park

Zombies came by the thousands

Today was a beautiful day on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, and zombies and zombie enthusiasists came out in droves.


4th of July in Ocean Grove, New Jersey

4th of July Parade in Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove, New Jersey is as American and as patriotic as my mama’s apple pie. And on the 4th of July, Ocean Grove proudly wears its red, white and blue.


Hurricane Sandy: before, after and now at the Jersey Shore

Our mascot, Fishing Pier Ralph, is letting everyone know that we’re doing okay down the shore in Ocean Grove.


Getting Bradley Beach back from the clutches of Sandy

Letters restored for Bradley Beach

Today’s a bleak day in the neighborhood of Bradley Beach, which matches the sentiments of many who live in Monmouth County’s beach communities. Life at the beach is wonderful, except as victims of Hurricane Katrina know, and now we do too, “If you live by the water, you have to expect the water to come visit you some day.”


Happy Halloween from Asbury Park –the Fifth Annual Zombie Walk

It started two years ago on a bet: Asbury Park’s Zombie Walk could beat the numbers of other Zombie Walks in the Guinness Book of Word Records. This shambling of Zombies would take place on the mile of boardwalk, and then proceed to the downtown district of Cookman Avenue, allowing all Zombies roam free.


Fall Harvest Fest and Craft Show in Ocean Grove

Jo Wymer in Ocean Grove

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood. . . especially on this particular warn Saturday afternoon in October in the downtown district of Ocean Grove. The weather cooperated and people were outdoors enjoying the annual Fall Harvest Fest and Craft Show sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Ocean Grove.