Winging it at 3 Midwest butterfly gardens

Butterfly gardens

The little boy holds his hand out and patiently waits for a butterfly to light. Hundreds of blue, white, orange, black, and tan wings flutter all around him, brushing his shirt and then zooming to the next flower for a sip of nectar.


Inn at Union Pier is romantic getaway, no matter the season

If you’re looking for a B&B for a weekend in the Midwest, here’s one that’s sure to charm you: The Inn at Union Pier. In the Michigan beach town of Union Pier, about 75 miles from Chicago, the 16-room bed and breakfast was originally constructed as a summer resort that at the time was the only kosher hotel in town. The hotel is unique because of its collection of antique Swedish fireplaces known as kakelugns. The inn maintains it has the largest collection of kakelugns in the United States. Most of the inn’s rooms have one. All of the kakelugns were taken from homes in Sweden, disassembled and reconstructed at the inn.


Ann Arbor Michigan – A real summer experience

Ann Arbor Farmer's Market

Visit Ann Arbor and you will savor the joys of a traditional summer. I found luscious locally grown vegetables, open air cafe’s and a vibrant life only to be found where people value the few months of summer that come each year. There is a special joy in Ann Arbor summer life.


Watch history come alive at Greenfield Village, Detroit

Take a ride around Greenfield Village

Imagine what living in America was like some one hundred years ago. Now try explaining to your kids that the Model T was just being invented, not all homes had telephones, let alone cell phones, and television was a mere idea on the drawing board. But just five hours from Chicago is a place lets… Read More