There is a town called Tequila – Really!

Hotels and restaurants can be found in The Plaza in Tequila, just across the street from Mundo Cuervo.

At a pre-release tasting of Trago Tequila in San Francisco a whole new vocabulary, “blanco, reposado and anejo”, was bouncing off the brick walls and stacked wooden casks at “Tres”, a trendy south-of-market Mexican Restaurant. Formerly a warehouse, Tres is famous for offering over 200 tequilas and that night the dining room was jammed with Oracle conventioneers.


San Sebastian del Oeste offers a glimpse into old Mexico

San Sebastian-Puerto Vallarta

San Sebastian del Oeste is a historic mining town located at 4,500 feet, high above Puerto Vallarta, where the air is clear and cool.


Sailing on the Bay of Banderas, Mexican style


The sailing part was as expected on the Simpatico, lovely 30 foot sailboat, but everything else was pure Mexico, where everything is not quite as it seems.


Tequila y Guacamole-seafood and entertainment in Puerto Vallarta

Tequila y Guacamole

Gerardo, the manager of Tequila y Guacamole, corralled us on the marina as we were searching for just the right restaurant one evening.


Surf’s up in Sayulita, Mexico


Sayulita offers a change of pace from its bigger and busier cousin, Puerto Vallarta, with a beautiful surf break, sandy curve of a beach and laid-back atmosphere.


In search of the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta

Statue-Puerto vallarta

As winter closes in on North America Puerto Vallarta offers a respite from the cold, and a recent visit proved that you can still find local culture.