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A top 10 list for India

sunrise along the ganges river in varanasi india

Every visitor to India will find moments that astound. It would not be too difficult to compile a list of the Top 100 things to do or places to visit in India. But I’ll narrow my list to the Top 10 magical moments from my first journey to India. Enjoy my choices from Incredible India.


India can leave you speechless

Morning on the Ganges in Varanasi India

A first-time visit to India can leave travlers awestruck. There’s so much to look at that your camera finger could get tired. There’s the Taj Mahal, of course, whose familiar iconic images do little to prepare visitor for the fabled monument to love. And there’s Varanasi where the spiritual bathe on steps that disappear into the holy and historic but filthy Ganges. But the everyday scenes can be just as striking, in their majesty and beauty or in their wretchedness and despair.


An exotic trip to India’s beach resort of Goa

Floating in the hotel pool under a full moon that brightens the night sky, it seems a bit incongruous to hear the familiar notes of “Love, love me, do” coming from the one-man band in the open-air bar at the edge of the Arabian Sea. But this is Goa, a beach resort in southwestern India, and… Read More


First-class tickets are the way to go on long-distance flights

I slept nearly eight hours in my first-class cubicle, waking rested and ready to work on this 15 hour flight from Delhi to Chicago in a Boeing 777.