Put Madrid, Spain on the bucket list

Start your Madrid planning at the Tourist Information Center at Plaza Mayor

Madrid is a perfect snap-a-sight and twitter or Facebook-it city. It’s a fun series of tapas snacks washed down-by-beer sort of city. And you don’t gain weight because Madrid is a walking city.


Festivals and places to stay in Cuenca, Spain

colorful buildings in cuenca spain

With it’s Casas Colgadas, or Hanging Houses, and coloful old town center, Spain’s Cuenca is a great place to visit. But try to come during one of its popular festivals in either the spring or fall to experience something truly extraordinary.


Modern mingles with the medieval in Cuenca, Spain

hanging houses in cuenca

In the small Spanish town of Cuenca, time appears to stand still, carved in stone atop a precipice 3,300 feet above a river gorge. That’s where you see the Casas Colgadas, or Hanging Houses, Cuenca’s most iconic image.


Fall in Barcelona, Spain

Entering the Port of Spain

Entering Barcelona on Carnival’s Liberty luxury cruise vessel, the hubbub of the city seemed like any other big city in the world: Crowded streets, people riding their bikes, vendors waiting for rich Americans to buy their goods, and dogs who like to dress up.


Old world Spain weaves a spell

Like the setting of a Hemingway novel, Spain is overflowing with vivid colors, cultural treasures and dramatic landscapes. Diverse as it is vast, Spain will envelope your senses, steal your breath. Come along on my 13-day sojourn and discover the indomitable spirit of this magnificent country. My tour traveled from Barcelona to Madrid with stops… Read More