Charming Hotel Metropole is oldest in Bellagio, Italy

Lake Como

Hotel Metropole, an elegant pink-toned building on the waterfront of Lake Como, dates to 1721.


Beat the heat – beach getaways right outside Rome

Summer high-season in Rome means a flood of tourists into the already scorching city. Add in these few thousand eager foreigners and the city becomes a humid, crowded bubble of heat. With temperatures reaching easily in the nineties, it is difficult to make your way around the city without wilting like an under-watered flower. However, there… Read More


The sweet life in Testaccio

A great reason for a morning walk along the Tiber is to check out the Testaccio Market, which sells everything from shoes to housewares to books to fish.


Gondola ride is quintessential adventure in Venice

Grand Canal in Venice

A visit to Venice, Italy isn’t complete without a gondola ride down the Grand Canal and a couple of side canals that substitute for streets.


The spectacular fountains of Villa D Este, Italy

The Villa D’Este, located in Tivoli outside of Rome, features a plethora of spectacular fountains in the villa garden.


Highlights of two days in Rome

What can one say about Rome’s charms that hasn’t been said before? From a kaleidoscope of images and experiences emerged a theme of spurting, dribbling, spouting, gushing fountains built by Romans at the terminus of every aqueduct bringing water into the city from miles away.