Where to get your cupcake fix in Durban, South Africa

Cupcakes Durban

Cupcakes are sometimes called “fairy cakes” in South Africa. When in the coastal city of Durban, the best place to find them is at the foodie markets,  which you will not want to miss. The I Heart Market, a food and design market, takes place on the first Saturday morning of each month. Young Durban… Read More


Your Top 20 Guide to culinary travel

culinary travel South Africa

Did you know that culinary travel is one of the fastest growing tourism niches worldwide? From city tours with a focus on food to vacation cooking schools, culinary options are growing faster than well watered sprouts. Having said this, you don’t need a tour or anyone to organize your itinerary. You can become a culinary… Read More


Durban Botanic Gardens is a historic gem — with surprises

When you come to the South African Indian Ocean city of Durban — and I am specifically saying when, because you must — if you make your way to any part of the city that has gardens and trees and this is not difficult as there are many (gardens and trees), you will get to hear the cry of a hadida in flight.