Visiting Saint Joan of Arc Chapel – Marquette University, Milwaukee

Joan of Arc Chapel

On the campus of Marquette University in Milwaukee there’s a beautiful chapel. That’s not unusual for a Jesuit college campus. But this chapel wasn’t built on Marquette’s grounds this one, the Saint Joan of Arc Chapel, was built in the 15th century as the Chapelle de St. Martin de Sayssuel in the French village of Chasse in the Lyon region of France.


Discover historic Como Colorado

Como Eating House by Clinton Scott ca. 1898

The sleepy little town of Como, Colorado is a hidden treasure. Established in 1879, it was once a bustling railroad town. Today it’s the town that time forgot. Because there’s been no development here, much of it remains the way it was. Sadly, much of the town was destroyed in a 1909 fire and not rebuilt. Miners heading out from Denver for the gold rush towns of Leadville and Breckenridge rode the train over Boreas Pass.


New Orleans: Things to see and do off the beaten track

The Marigny

For most people, two things come to mind about New Orleans: Mardi Gras and the French Quarter. There’s nothing wrong with visiting New Orleans for all the fun and festivities of Mardi Gras or the general year-around craziness of Bourbon Street in the Quarter, but this city is so much more. My husband, Tom, and… Read More


Aspen Meadows Resort: Luxury retreat in Aspen, Colorado


Aspen Meadows, an all suite resort, has earned Forbes’ Four Star designation. The design and furnishings echo the Bauhaus philosophy of clean lines and functionality, using design to unite mind, body and spirit. In their eyes, nature was the unifying element bringing the trio together. All the resort’s contemporary buildings are either white or a color called “Bayer Blue,” named after the architect. It was the color of the façade of Aspen’s historic Hotel Jerome at the time the buildings were designed.


Zurich Switzerland’s Kronenhalle Restaurant – dining with spectacular art

Chagall at the Kronenhalle

In the centuries old city of Zurich you’ll encounter an unusual and beautiful restaurant, the Kronenhalle. The restaurant stands out not only for its fine Swiss cuisine but also for its collection of art by Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Paul Klee, and Georges Braque to name a few.


Exploring the American Northwest – Rails to Trails

Golden Tiger - Republic

We’ve discovered the Rails to Trails routes in the Pacific Northwest and have found them a great way to explore. As American residents of Germany, summertime finds us traveling throughout the United States. Our travels always involve distance walking of some sort, so we have had the opportunity to explore many of America’s Rails to Trails paths. What a great idea it was to convert unused railroad beds to useable trails. These trails are good for enjoying the outdoors and also for getting a little exercise. Most of the trails are fairly easy to traverse, being fairly flat or having slight inclines, due to previous train use.