Fall Harvest Fest and Craft Show in Ocean Grove

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood. . . especially on this particular warm Saturday afternoon in October in the downtown district of Ocean Grove.  The weather cooperated and people were outdoors enjoying the annual Fall Harvest Fest and Craft Show sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Ocean Grove.

As the sun shone brightly and music filled the air, I think everyone who was in attendance felt invigorated by the voice  of the very talented Jo Wymer. 

Ms. Wymer is a resident of Freehold, New Jersey, who brings her A-Game to   every performance.  This is one talented vocalist and guitar player.  She inspires and moves your soul that you can’t help but stop and listen to her sing. Jo Wymer in Ocean Grove

Jo Wymer in Ocean Grove

The annual Fall Festival always includes crafters from around the state. Demetrius L. Patterson is a self-taught artist with a distinctive person style.  His pastel-collages center on everyday life in the community around him.  He follows a long tradition of American primitive painters who capture the essence of their times.

A selection Demetrius L. Patterson's artwork

A selection of Demetrius L. Patterson’s artwork

He works primarily in pastels and acrylics, bringing a highly individual perspective to his art, often balancing humor and drama in the same work.  His work has won many awards.  He has exhibited at Monmouth Museum, Art Alliance, City Corp, and Brookdale Community College, the college where he graduated and later studied with Grace Group-Pillard.

Another one of my favorite artists is Robert Burt Photography.  His unique and personal photography is from his very surroundings: nature, pets and portraits.   Robert’s interest in photography started during his early teens when his father, a physician, allowed him to develop his x-rays in his office darkroom. 

Ocean Grove Beach and Fishing Pier

Ocean Grove Beach and Fishing Pier

Not too long after, Mr. Burt purchased darkroom chemicals and equipment and began to develop film from pictures that he had taken.  This Ocean Grove Beach and Fishing Pier scene is framed on a metal backing.  His technique in bleeding photo color into his photography gives the finished product an artist-like quality.


The Crafters’ Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired had a table at the festival, along with 100 different vendors, selling items like aprons, blankets, and other sewn products that benefits the person who made them. If you’re interested in obtaining more information, their office phone in Kearny, N.J. is 201.997.6135.

My new apron by the Crafters’ Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired

A staple of our downtown district is GingerBreads Teas and Treasures.   Inside this store you’ll find a wonderful collection of furnishings, souvenirs, lamps, many items in the Victorian era to decorate your home.  My favorite for this season is the Heritage Lace in Halloween motif to grace a front window with a magical touch.

Window treatment for Halloween

Heritage lace window treatment

As usual, the Annual Harvest Festival was a huge success.  Everyone enjoyed their time being outdoors celebrating the fall season in Ocean Grove.  We have so much to be thankful for, which is the bounty we receive from the Lord.  Those who live in this town always welcome and strive to share with visitors the principles of the founding fathers of Ocean Grove.


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