Fish Urban Dining, Asbury Park, NJ

At Fish in Asbury Park, New Jersey, you can have any fish you wish — just like the line,  “Any Fish You Wish”  from the long-ago film with Matt Dillon called The Flamingo Kid.

Fish Urban Dining

Fish Urban Dining in Asbury Park

What a place, what a concept, what a great restaurant!  Fish has now become my happiest happy hour happening.  As the marque says, Fish Urban Dining at its best.  You can enjoy the scenery of dining al fresco, or come indoors to the plush atmosphere of the bar and dining room.

Happy hour begins at 4 pm and runs until 7 pm Monday through Friday.   All martinis and appetizers are $6 each during happy hour.  Not in any special order, we tried their baked macaroni, cheese and lobster dish, lobster nachos and cheese, babyback ribs in a delicious tangy sauce, cod fritters, crispy calamari, a couple of glasses of white wine for me and a beer for my husband, all for $58.

The service is wonderful.  The food is delicious.  The ambiance is NYC-style.  And for a private party, you can ask for the bank vault.  I forgot to mention, Fish Urban Dining is renovated from an old bank building, but the vault that housed the safety deposit boxes are still there, and now used for private dinner parties, at no extra charge.

Fish Happy Hour

Fish Happy Hour 4 to 7 PM, Mon. thru Fri.

The happy hour tapas concept has put the word Fish on everybody’s lips, when thinking about a place to spend a few hours after the beach and before dinner.  And by the way, Fish’s regular dinner menu is as expansive as any restaurant on the eastern seaboard.  And I hear Sunday Brunch will be coming soon.

Fine dining at Fish

Asbury Park is back again, the way it was in its hay day, with new operator-owners bringing new concepts in dining to this vibrant town.  Fish is one among the many who have come to grace Asbury Park.

By the way, their dessert is to die for.  After all those appetizers, I really shouldn’t have looked at the dessert menu.  When our waitress explained they make keylime pie where the ingredients are stacked up on top of  the other in a bowl, not made in a pie crust,  I just had to see it!  Oh yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds.  My waist is a bit thicker but my taste buds are glorified.

Keylime pie served in a bowl

Join the locals and spend a day in Asbury Park while Mother Nature is still pumping out sunshine.  There’s so much to see and do, with an ocean to swim in. And while you’re here, come on down to Fish Urban Dining.  You will be glad you did.

Fish Urban Dining 601 Mattison Avenue, in Asbury Park.



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