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Cathedral Rock and Red Rock Crossing in Sedona

Cathedral Rock and Red Rock Crossing in Sedona

So you’re headed to the red rocks of Sedona? You’ll find some great things to do. Sedona is known for natural beauty, history, art and those mystical vortexes.

Some come to experience the spiritual side of Sedona and visit the Vortex sites. And others come to relax at a resort and shop at the galleries and boutiques. Or maybe finding some great hiking sites is what you want to do. No matter what, you will not be disappointed by Sedona.

Red Rock Crossing and Crescent Moon Ranch Park
One of the most photographed scenes in the southwest is towering Cathedral Rock reflected in the waters of Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing. This is a place you must go to. Some go as part of a vortex jeep tour and others just go to the park for a picnic and a walk along the river.

 Photograph Oak Creek as it flows over rocks, watch the light change on the face of Cathedral Rock, learn about the history of Crescent Moon Ranch and, take advantage of the spiritual healing effects of this very beautiful area.

Directions: Drive west from Sedona on US 89A. Just outside town, turn south on FR 216 (Upper Red Rock Loop Road). Drive about 1.5 miles and follow the signs to Red Rock Crossing. All roads except the short segment leading from Red Rock Crossing Road to the picnic area are paved. Fee: $8.00 per car. More Information.

Hike Sedona
My friends purchased the book, Sedona Hikes, 130 Day Hikes & 5 Vortex Sites around Sedona, Arizona and I am sure that, over the years, they hiked all 130. In Sedona there are trails that take you  to vortex sites and

Hike the Cowpies for a great view of Sedona

Hike the Cowpies for a great view of Sedona

trails to take you to Native American sites with pictographs and old villages. The Red Rocks, and details such as wildflowers and little lizards, when seen close up, become even more beautiful than when viewed from a distance.

You’ll probably need to purchase a Red Rock pass for trailhead parking. The cost for a day is $5.00.  Any America the Beautiful Pass, Golden Age, and Golden Access is accepted and honored in lieu of the Red Rock Pass for Forest recreation in Red Rock Country. This also includes admission to the very popular Red Rock Country Heritage Sites: Palatki Ruins and Rock Art site, Honanki Ruins site and V-Bar-V Heritage site

Take a Sedona Jeep Tour
Jeep tours are very popular in Sedona. There are several great companies that will take you to tour Indian ruins, Vortex sites, as well as some pretty rough and tumble trips up red rocks and to high rims. If you want a more laid back tour, try a jeep tour to the wineries.

I’ve enjoyed the guides and tours from Pink Jeep Tours, A Day in the West Tours and Arizona Safari Jeep Tours. There are a variety of tours available by checking with the concierge at your hotel or by investigating the offices lining Uptown Sedona. If you are not a hiker, a jeep tour is the next best thing to get you out in the desert to explore the red rocks of Sedona.

Tour Sedona with Pink Jeep Tours

Tour Sedona with Pink Jeep Tours

You can enjoy the shops and galleries all through Uptown and Downtown Sedona. You can take a motorized trolley from area to area as part of a paid narrated tour. (The free Roadrunner Trolley is no longer running).  It’s a great way to get your bearings when you first arrive in Sedona.

Be sure and spend some time in quaint Tlaquepaque. The Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village in Sedona is a very picturesque collection of shops, restaurants and galleries. Wander from courtyard to courtyard and enjoy the south of the border ambiance.

Of course you have to walk through the galleries. Some, like Turquoise Tortoise have contemporary desert art and Native American jewelry. Others have massive sculptures. There are several places where you can find galleries. In uptown, I like Pinon Pointe. Then head south to Tlaquepaque. From there continue on to Hozho and then the Hillside area. More about Sedona Galleries.

Watch the Sunset From Airport Mesa
On the road up to the Airport you will encounter a great viewpoint. Park across the road and gather at sunset (along with many others) to view the sunset in the best location possible. You may want to continue up the road and enjoy dinner at the newly renovated Mesa Grill at the airport. Watch the planes land and take off.

Learn About Vortexes
You can’t leave Sedona without learning about or experiencing the spiritual power of a vortex. The vortexes of Sedona are named because they are believed to be spiritual locations where the energy is right to facilitate prayer, mediation and healing. You can attend a lecture about vortexes or take a vortex tour.  More about Sedona Vortexes.

Dine Sedona
Sedona has some wonderful restaurants. A great way to experience Sedona dining is to come during the Restaurant Week, Dine in Sedona.

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