Valentine’s Day at Ivan & Andy’s Prime, Asbury Park

I asked our waitress, Gabrielle, if this was the first ever steakhouse in Asbury Park.   I’m talking about Ivan & Andy’s Prime in Asbury Park. Whether it’s the first or not to join the fabulous row of restaurants in Asbury Park, it really doesn’t matter.   It certainly is the best.

Ivan & Andy's Prime

Ivan & Andy's Prime, Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park

Fabulous interior, pleasant on the eyes, neat as a pin.  Town Folks, you don’t have to go any further than your backyard for a great lunch or dinner.  I like to try all the new restaurants that set up shop in Asbury Park and Ocean Grove, and this is the one I’m recommending for Valentine’s Day.  (Well, not just for Valentine’s Day)  Read on, you’ll see why.

Located at 508  Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park,  Ivan & Andy’s now offers their 10 ounce prime burger for $5 at lunchtime.  I got a tasty burger on a glazed soft bun with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions.  Delicious and flavor-filled!

Front entrance of Ivan & Andy's

Front entrance of Ivan & Andy's

The restaurant’s bar is social space unto itself, a few steps above the dining room  with atmosphere and charm all its own.  Three flat-screen televisions keeps patrons well-informed and entertained.  It’s the type of bar where friends get together for absolutely no occasion, sit and talk, and enjoy their surroundings.   I think if we had a massive snowstorm, you’d find the locals clamoring to get out of the house to get on down to Ivan & Andy’s.


The bar

The bar area at Ivan & Andy's


Appetizers include Mozzarella and Jersey Tomato Salad; Shrimp Scallop Cake; Flat Bread Pizza; Smoked Chicken Wings; Mac Cheese; House Cut Fries.

There are salads galore: Beet Salad, Romaine Heart Salad, Smoke Chicken Salad, Prime Salad, and, of course, a House Salad.

The Sandwich Board features the best buy on the Jersey Shore: Prime 1/2 Pound Burger for $5.  I can attest to that.  Others include: Catfish Sandwich, Jersey Tomato BLT, Open Face Garlic Steak Sandwich, Vegetarian Portabella “Cheese Steak” Sandwich, Black Pepper Crusted Tuna Wrap, Roast Beef, Smoked Turkey Breast, Pastrami and Brisket.  There are other lunch specials, which all come with sides.


Marsala Marinated Flat Iron.  Bourbon Marinated Skirt Steak.  Cowboy Steak. Cowboy Steak Petite Cut.  Kansas City Sirloin.  That’s just to mention a few.   This next dish is something I want to see sitting on someone’s plate: Porterhouse For Two $96.  That must be a massive piece of meat. Their menu says: Our meats are USDA Prime and a minimum 28 days dry aged.


Ivan’s daughter owns Pies and Thighs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Every day fresh baked pies are delivered for Ivan and Andy’s customers’ sweet tooth.  Take a look at this picture of our s’mores pie.

Graham cracker crust, grenaush and s'mores filling, cream on the side


I hope I piqued your curiosity.  Get on the phone and make your Valentine’s Day reservations.  732-455-3811.  Tell them Pat sent you.

(Free Parking in Back of Ivan & Andy’s)

Photos:  Patricia Florio


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