Even in winter, there’s always something to do at the Jersey Shore

Just because there’s thousands of us who live down at the Jersey Shore in the wintertime, do you think we hibernate under the covers and stay out of sight like brown bears do in North Jersey?   No siree!   The four main towns in the conglomerate of Long Branch, Asbury Park, Ocean Grove and Belmar provide entertainment in the winter  so we could mark off the days on our calendar.  That’s how us full-time beach people countdown to spring.

Ingrid, Carl and Joe

Circle of Friends at Turnstile Coffee Bar

N J Friends of Clearwater Circle of Song have a monthly get-together at their beautiful new location in Belmar, New Jersey.  Turnstile Coffee Bar located at 1607 Highway 71, Belmar, seven blocks from the Belmar Train Station (handicap-accessible) has reserved every third Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 to for this group to perform.

Ae each session the musical group has a featured leader-performer.  Ingrid Heldt and Isis Ra,  the organizers of the group, also join in making some of the music too.  Everyone is welcomed to participate and bring along an instrument.  If your voice is your instrument, then just sing along.

Joe Petraitis is a singer-songwriter who has performed at Pete Seeger’s Beacon Festivals and on Princeton NJ’s Cafe Improv, telvised on cable and on YouTube.  He teaches children how to write songs and has co-written songs with them.  Joe’s associations include the Nashville Songwriters Association, the Folk Project, and the Philadelphia Alliance of Songwriters Assoc.  (PASA).  (Joe is pictured here in the red shirt)

Carl Croce and Joe Petraitis

Carl Croce and Joe Petraitis at Turnstiles Coffee Bar

Pictured sitting next to Joe is Carl Croce, one of Joe’s frequent collaborators.  During certain parts of the evening, Joe and Igrid Heldt perform as a duet.  They certainly make beautiful music together.  Joe Petraitis can be reached at misterp946@aol.com.

Turnstiles is a new coffee bar in Belmar, New Jersey, where everyone is welcome and made to feel welcome.  It’s like Cheers in Boston; it’s a place where “everybody knows your name.”  And the coffee is an added luxury, especially sipping a latte on a cold winter’s evening while enjoying the original works of these talented artists.  They also encourage sing-along.


Ingrid, Carl and Joe

Ingrid, Carl and Joe

There’s a suggested donation of $3 to $7 that is shared with NJ Friends of Clearwater and Pastor Sony’s work on behalf of the  homeless and hungry in Asbury, Park.

For Information:  www.ingridmusic.com   Circle of Song: www.MCClearwater.org

So if you’re tired of sitting in the house, mark up your calendar for every third Thursday of the month, and come out to make some music.  You’ll be so glad you did.


Photos:  Patricia Florio




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