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Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Colorado

Western Colorado has some unique sights to explore. Glenwood Hot Springs, a celebrated landmark in the heart of Glenwood Springs, Colorado is one of them. On the grounds of the World’s Largest Hot Springs Pool  you’ll find a 107 room lodge, water slides, mini golf, an athletic club, and the Spa of the Rockies.

Fly in to Grand Junction
Grand Junction has a regional airport with commercial jets bringing visitors directly from five cities. The landing is beautiful as the snow-capped mountains and mesas are worth seeing from the plane.  Many fly in to Grand Junction to enjoy the winter sports areas like The Grand Mesa. It is the closest airport to Glenwood Springs.

The Hot Springs Resort
Glenwood Springs is a small town with historic buildings. The building housing the resort is one of them. What intrigued me about the hot springs is the size of the pool and the fact that you can enjoy the soothing warm waters year round (maintenance closures are listed on the website). In fact, the resort has a webcam and I first saw the pool when it was snowing through watching their  webcam images. People were luxuriating the warm water and steaming air as it snowed! That was enticing. The main pool is always kept at a comfortable 90°-93° F and the therapy pool averages about 104.

The resort just announced a renovation and 107 posh new rooms. The multimillion-dollar renovation project that encompassed every guest room at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge is now officially complete. In 2012, Lodge guests can relax in newly remodeled rooms that reflect the tranquil ambiance of the award-winning Spa of the Rockies and offer technology upgrades that add modern convenience to the surrounding comfort, all within steps of the world-famous Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.  I haven’t been there yet, but would enjoy returning to experience the resort’s new look.

Pools and Play Area at Glenwood Hot Springs

Pools and Play Area at Glenwood Hot Springs

As with all natural springs, Glenwood Springs has a long history of significance. The Ute Indians were the first known visitors to the mineral-rich hot springs that flow along the banks of the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon.  The Ute believed in the healing powers of the springs. And, of course, travelers and settlers discovered the hot springs too.

The original red sandstone bathhouse and lodge was built for $100,000 in l890. During World War II from 1943 to 1946 the resort, then consisting of the Hotel Colorado and Hot Springs Bathhouse, were used exclusively as a U.S. Naval Convalescent Hospital.

In the 70’s the resort went through a renovation and the children’s play area was built. And now, with the upgrade of the Lodge rooms, the resort is totally updated.

Beautiful Gorge Outside Glenwood Springs

Beautiful Gorge Outside Glenwood Springs

Enjoying the Hot Springs
While lodge guests have open access to the pools, there is a fee for day use. Passes are also available. The Hot Springs would be ideal after a day of skiing, or, in season, biking or hiking.  . While Glenwood Springs is a small town, it is a draw for outdoor enthusiasts. The nearby Gorge is a beautiful place to hike or bike.

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