Train adventure in Arizona – Encountering eagles

Verde Canyon Railway

Verde Canyon Railway

Winter in Arizona can be an exciting time. During “eagle season,” you may encounter majestic Bald Eagles when you take an excursion on the Verde Canyon Railroad. Located just north of Phoenix, and about a half hour from Sedona, the Verde Canyon Railroad is a laid back excursion train running from Clarkdale to little Perkinsville and return.

As you travel, you’ll see deep canyons and cliff-side Native American dwellings. The train will go through a tunnel and cross steep trestles. And, in the right season, you may encounter an eagle or an eagle’s nest on the way.

Eagle Season
Eagle Watch highlights mild winter excursions. The Canyon is void of most foliage so many of the wildlife living along the river are more visible. The chasm also is home to a productive pair of American Bald Eagles, and offers a winter respite for other migratory visitors including many species of endangered and endearing waterfowl. From early winter through late spring, these amazing raptors will thrill you with their aerobatic courting rituals, dedication to incubation and fierce protectiveness over their new generation.

Eagles seen from the Verde Canyon Railway excursion train.

Eagles seen from the Verde Canyon Railway excursion train.

One winter trip on the Verde Canyon Railroad, I was able to see and photograph this pair of eagles. They are absolutely huge! The eagles are used to the train traveling by their cliff-side nest and trees where they roost, so you may be lucky enough to get up close and personal with these majestic birds. Often, the railway will have a naturalist on board. In addition, the staff are very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna in the area.

If your main objective in traveling on the Verde Canyon Railway is to see the eagles, you might call the VCRR office ahead of time to see if there have been eagle sightings recently.

More Information
Railway Address: 300 North Broadway, Clarkdale, Arizona 86324
Phone: 800-320-0718

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose


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