San Antonio’s Mi Tierra Restaurant – Always Christmas

Mi Tierra in San Antonio

It's easy to find the register at Mi Tierra in San Antonio

When you go to San Antonio, Texas during the holidays you’ll no doubt want to head to the River Walk for the lights display and holiday music. But did you know that there is a place nearby where it is Christmas year round? Mi Tierra Restaurant, located in Market Square, is a Christmas wonderland.

What is especially fun about Mi Tierra is the flashy Christmas decor. There are streamers, bright pinatas and colorful lights. Strolling Mariachi’s will complete your visit to “old Mexico.” While you are there be sure and look at the murals… carefully. Some famous people are painted into the folk art scenes.

Outside the door, I found an elaborate altar. Two young teens sat quietly entranced as they looked at the photos of the dearly departed and the offerings. Mi Tierra is a draw for tourists and the locals as well.

The food at Mi Tierra is excellent. You wouldn’t expect that given the number of diners that pass through the doors. This bustling Mexican Restaurant serves up such delights as the  El Rancho Special, a Mi Tierra Specialty! Enjoy succulent beef simmered in pepper, onion and tomato sauce served with guacamole, Spanish rice and refried beans. Accompanied by a Margarita, this meal is to die for.

Bakery Case at Mi Tierra

Bakery Case at Mi Tierra

Some people come just to purchase traditional pastries, cookies and candies at the bakery counter. Mi Tierra has an online store where you can purchase their famous Mexican candy, t-shirts, candles and more.

After you have dinner and buy some pasteles to take home, enjoy more shopping at the Mercado. The market area is always a fascinating place. From early morning until late at night, Market Square is alive with activity. Visitors browse through the 32 shops at “El Mercado,” an area patterned after an authentic Mexican market.

Mi Tierra is open 24 hours a day. Late night revelers enjoy the Mariachi Bar and then retire to the restaurant for a hearty Mexican breakfast.

Altar at Mi Tierra Restaurant

Altar at Mi Tierra Restaurant

Mi Tierra is a “must do” any time of year.

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Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose


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