GPS specifically for RV navigation

Trip Maker5510™

Rand McNally's Trip Maker5510™ courtesy Rand McNally

Rand McNally’s TripMaker™ GPS
is made specifically to aid RV drivers in maneuvering their rigs through unfamiliar territory. Anyone who has driven down a dead end, only to find a shortage of turning radius will think this feature alone is worth the price.

  • It provides information based on the Class and length of your RV, including trailers.
  • Short side trips to nearby attractions, shopping, outdoor sports areas and return routes to any off-road campsites
  • All sorts of RV services including rest areas, dealers, local tourist advice
  • Maps and trip planning software
  • RV Logs and Checklists for trip preparation and seasonal storage.

The width of the display is 5″ and the resolution if 480 x 272 pixels
Fully charged, the battery will last for 2 hours, but there is an optional mp3 cable.
Bluetooth and hd radio are also optional. There is no memory card slot.

The Amazon description contains reviews. Two or three had an issue, but the next one suggested if they had read the instructions they would not have had the problems. I have not tested this myself as our Garmin Nuvi 360 is quite adequate if you have as many RV travel books as we have, but it sounds perfect if you are the “explore new territory” type.

To order and/or read more about the TripMaker™, click here. Also, be sure to read about Amazon’s electronic trade in program. You may have enough gadgets to put toward an Amazon Gift Card to lower the cost of your GPS. Will wonders ever cease?


"Where the antelope Play" TripMaker™ tours

Please read Amazon’s full description. It includes this image of their Road Trip Suggestions – “Find your way to more than 14 million points of interest including festivals, parks, and other locations all researched by Rand McNally editors. If you’re looking for trip ideas, browse over 12,000 Rand McNally Editor’s Picks including: Best of the Road 3-4 day adventures, regional trips, scenic tours, weekend getaways, and top cities with video guides and photos.”

My favorite feature is being alerted when a turn is coming up with the distance spoken loudly and clearly…”In two tenths of a mile, turn left at…”

As my mother used to say, “The memories of trips are the one thing the government can’t take from you.” Happy Travels!


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