Celebrating Halloween with Zombies – the Living Dead – 2011

They moaned, they groaned, they dragged their bodies along the ground.   Some of the living dead even posed for pictures.

The temptress

The Temptress under a blue sky in Asbury Park

This year’s Zombie Walk on Asbury Park’s boardwalk drew record-breaking crowds, clogging up the exit off the Garden State Parkway and all  other arteries leading to the beach.  Under a bright blue sky, with the Atlantic Ocean as its backdrop, blood, guts, and gore were the main themes of the day.

The blushing bride

The blushing bride

Nurses, doctors, cops, Wall Street businessmen, brides and grooms, and a couple of chainsaw murderers joined the parade on the Boardwalk to celebrate the zombie world of the ‘undead’ also hoping to break the Guinnes Book of World Records from 2010, for the most zombies in one place at the same time.

Makeup artists applied their craft on the faces and bodies of participants inside Convention Hall.  They started applying makeup at  ten o’clock this morning and worked through until five o’clock in the evening when the zombies in parade poured out from the Paramount Theater’s Convention Hall.

Katie at Asbury's Boardwalk

Katie at Asbury's Boardwalk


Some people, like Katie, had her friend Phil lend a hand to turn her sweet face into a sardonic grin.

The cast of Sweeney Todd

The cast of Sweeney Todd, Asbury Park

The cast of Sweeney Todd made a ghoulish appearance to promote their upcoming show next weekend, October 28 to the 30th at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park.  Check the online box office for tickets.  If you use the online code “BRAINS” you’ll receive 50% off the regular price.

As the parade made its way to Cookman Avenue, in downtown Asbury Park,  several musical acts were scheduled to entertain for the balance of the evening.  It’s right about then that the sun started to go down.  There was an eerie feeling in the air as I walked home alone, stepping away from the parade route,  leaving the zombies behind for another year, and I stepped back into a world of reality.

Sweet dreams, everyone!

The leader of the zombies

The leader of the zombies, inside Convention Hall


Photos:  Patricia Florio


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