Quartzsite, Arizona for winter swap meets, rocks and minerals

Fossils for Sale in Quartzsite, AZ Rock and Mineral Shop

Fossils for Sale in Quartzsite, AZ Rock and Mineral Shop

As our author, Gail Hunter, writes about her RV experiences, the time is rolling around for the massive winter gathering of RVs in the Arizona desert. If you don’t mind camping in the desert with thousands of like-minded folks and shopping the swap meets and rock and mineral shows, you might just love Quartzsite.

Quartzsite RV Gathering
From dusty spaces in the desert to some pretty nice campgrounds, you’ll find a range of RV camping spots in Quartzsite. Many folks just plop down in the desert and dry camp. Many others set up for the winter and sell everything from used tools to rare minerals. It’s an eclectic type of place that is hardly inhabited during the summer but grows significantly in the winter. Why do they come?

What makes Quartzsite special is that it has been a rock-hound’s paradise since the 1960’s. Each winter Quartzite swells in population due to well over a million visitors, most of whom converge on the small town in a wave of RVs during the months of January and February.

Swap Meets, Rock Shows and Fun Events
There’s plenty to do in Quartzsite. There are at least eight major shows which include swap meets, rock and mineral shows and RV shows. In addition there are parades, chili cook-offs, and an art show. Here’s the calendar of events for 2001 – 2012.

Quartzsite Yacht Club

Quartzsite Yacht Club

The Quartzsite Yacht Club
A yacht club in the desert? Well, of course. One of the most frequented places in Quartzsite is the Quartzsite Yacht Club. You can join the Quartzsite Yacht Club for $25 ($10 in my parent’s day) and become one of the over 6,800 members world-wide. You’ll receive a t-shirt, burgee (club pennant), and membership card. Least you think these are not worth anything, ask the members who have used their membership cards to gain access to reciprocating yacht clubs world-wide! It’s worth a try. The Quartzsite Yacht Club boasts a larger membership than any other yacht club in the world!

What I enjoyed about the Yacht Club was that they made a pretty good burger. After walking miles enjoying the swap meets and rock shops, I was ready to sit down. My friends had beer and I had a frosty diet coke with my excellent burger.

At night the club has live entertainment. It is truly THE place to go in Quartzsite for fun. Quartzsite Yacht Club and Motel Website.

Quartzsite as a Day Trip
You don’t need to be an RVer to enjoy Quartzsite. It makes for a great day trip from the Phoenix area. But be sure to go fairly early to avoid traffic jams.

Crystals for Sale in Quartzsite

Crystals for Sale in Quartzsite

Finding Quartzsite
In the summer you can easily pass by Quartzsite. But in the winter, even the highway can get bogged down with visitors going to the shows and events. Quartzsite, in western Arizona, is just 20 miles east of the Colorado River on I-10. From Phoenix, the trip to Quartzite is about two hours. It is also easily accessible from Los Angeles.


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