Fall fun at A. Casola Farms in Holmdel, N.J.

Activities at Casola

Daily activities at Casola

It’s all about the children’s enjoyment and entertainment at Casola Farms in Holmdel, N.J.
Schools were closed in New York and New Jersey today to commemorate Columbus Day, and Casola’s put on their best effort to serve the masses that came into Holmdel for pumpkin picking, the haunted hayrides (day and night hayrides are available), petting zoo, pony ride, face painting, and lots more of treats inside the store. Casola Farms are open seven days a week during the fall festival.
Pick your own pumpkin

Pick your own pumpkin

Casola Farms is located at 178 Route 34 in Holmdel, New Jersey.  Easy to get to from Staten Island, North Jersey and South Jersey via the Garden State Parkway, exit the GSP at 114 and continue toward Route 34.
The Farm’s History:
Antonio Casola Farms a true family farm run by the husband and wife team of Antonio and Kim Weigand Casola, whose ancestors farmed in Holmdel and surrounding areas for over 200 years. Casola’s is conveniently located in central New Jersey, less than 40 miles south of New York City, and 70 miles north-east of Philadelphia. They have a magnificent 200 acre nursery, huge greenhouse facilities and grow their own hay straw and produce for wholesale and retail. A. Casola Farms specialize in Agri-tainment and educational activities. They originated the first original Pick-your-own Pumpkin and Hayride farm.
Day-time Hayrides:

Wizzard of Oz in the Woods

Wizzard of Oz in the Woods

Facepainting is a treat for everyone

Face painting: a treat for everyone

This day ride is set up for the smaller children.  Driven by a tractor pulling three covered wagons with bales of hay for seats.   The hayride takes the children through Casola’s vast acreage where ghouls and ghosts are hanging from trees.  There are some friendlier characters on this ride: characters from the Wizard of Oz, Batman, Barney, Indian Princesses, Trick or Treat Stations.  The children and their parents are well entertained along the route.
Riding the hayride caravan

On the hayride through Casola Farm

Beware of the nighttime hayride

On the night hayride: a witch may put a spell on you

The evening haunted ride is for the teenagers, the less fearful crowd, but hold on to your head, you never know when someone will swoop in to  detach it from your neck.  Or a hanging witch could put a spell on you.
A day at Casola Farm is fun and educational; also to celebrate the harvest of the maze, which is deliciously prepared and sold at Casola’s.
General Pricing:
It’s free to explore the farm.  Daytime hayride, $4.00 per person (there’s a coupon on A. Casola’s website for half off).  Night time haunted hayride $12 per person.  Face painting, $5.00.  Pumpkins are priced by the pound.  Some were .99 cents per pound, others were .89 cents per pound.  Cooked sweet potatoes $3.00, fresh maze from the farm, $3.00.  There’s lots of candy, cider, apples, baked goods, costumes and Halloween items on sale.  Fall Mums are now on sale: 5 for $10.
Ghosts hiding in the woods

Ghosts hiding in the woods

Photos: by Patricia Florio

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