Hotel Chimayó de Santa Fe – combining convenience with a rich cultural history

Folk Art in the Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe Lobby

Folk Art in the Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe Lobby

What happens when you renovate a downtown Santa Fe hotel and mix in the flavors, art and traditions of  a culturally rich northern New Mexico rural village? Apparently you end up with Hotel Chimayó de Santa Fe. It’s what’s new and hot in downtown Santa Fe while retaining the all-important historic and cultural influences which make Santa Fe, well… Santa Fe!

A New Take on Santa Fe Decor
When most hotels re-decorate they look to the hotel supply catalogs and decorator’s studios in places like Scottsdale and New York. But Heritage Hotels took a different approach. Their project manager ended up meeting wood carvers in the home kitchens of rural northern New Mexico and stood by the generations-old looms of Chimayó weavers in search of the materials and folk art for the amazing transformation of the former Hotel Plaza Real.

What this year-long project created was a place in Santa Fe where guests can enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the Hispanic families and traditions of New Mexico while luxuriating in the comfort of an elegant boutique hotel, all within steps of Santa Fe’s historic Plaza.

The Art and the Artists
Visitors to Hotel Chimayó will encounter a variety of custom made authentic pieces of artwork and folk art. More than 70 artists from Chimayó contributed to the

Weavings from Irvin Trujillo's Chimayo Studio

Weavings from Irvin Trujillo's Chimayo Studio

hotel’s decor. The art may be subtle like the small crosses arranged over a fireplace, or significant, like award-winning Chimayó weaver, Irvin Trujillo’s stunning work hanging in the lobby.

As you rest surrounded by the neutral tones of your room or suite, you may not realize the touches that work to bring you to a simpler time in the life of New Mexico. You’ll find carpeting in the style of Chimayó weaving with the colors of Churro sheep, bed scarves woven by Irvin Trujillo’s home based Chimayó weavers, historic photographs of northern New Mexico culture and hand carved rustic wood chandeliers. The ever-present crosses are folk art integral to the culture, history and faith of the village of Chimayó.

In the intimate lobby of Hotel Chimayó you’ll find a fireplace newly surrounded with hand painted retablos, or small folk-art paintings, and a banquette upholstered with hand-loomed Chimayó weaving from the Ortega family looms. Look carefully at the burnished tin light sconces as they, too, are hand made especially for the hotel. Soak in the details, as they are evidence of the art and artisans of Chimayó.

New Dining Venue
The hotel features a new bar and restaurant. The Low ‘n Slow Lowrider Bar features authentic lowrider elements crafted by Chimayó specialists. Named after the book “Low ‘n Slow – Lowriding in New Mexico” by Jack Parsons
Lowriders in Town to Enjoy the Hotel Chimayo Lowrider Bar

Beautifully Restored Lowriders in Town to Enjoy the Hotel Chimayo Lowrider Bar

and Carmella Padilla, the bar is designed to capture the essence of the low-rider culture ― its exuberance, style and artistry. On the street outside the bar will be an exclusive “Lowrider Only” reserved parking space.

The new restaurant, Tia’s Cocina (Auntie’s Kitchen) is a casual dining restaurant with hand-hewn wooden tables and chairs. They serve local New Mexican specialties and are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Be sure and try one of their local Chimayo dishes with Chimayo red chile.

About Chimayo

Santuario de Chimayo

Santuario de Chimayo in the Village of Chimayo north of Santa Fe

Chimayó is only 30 minutes north of Santa Fe yet it is a culturally intact agricultural village with important traditions and families whose heritage can be traced back to the 1700’s. Chimayó is known for the picturesque small church, El Santuario de Chimayó, a special place drawing religious pilgrims from all over the world in search of healing and peace. El Santuario is probably the most-photographed church in northern New Mexico… a very special place.

Chimayó is also known for the weaving traditions of the Ortega and Trujillo families, who have been weaving in the Spanish Colonial tradition for many generations. You can visit their shops not far from the center of Chimayó. As you’ll note in the decor of the hotel, their traditional craft is but one of several still practiced in the region, including tin making, wood carving, and religious paintings and carvings.

These folk art crafts, along with the local adobe architecture and the landscape of irrigated fields in the shadows of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, create a historic beauty that makes the village of Chimayó a must-see during your visit to Santa Fe. You can ask the front desk for a pamphlet describing self guided and guided tours to Chimayó.  

Staying at Hotel Chimayó de Santa Fe

Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe Room

Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe Room

The hotel has 56 rooms and 50 of these are suites, many of which overlook a beautiful inner courtyard or have views of Santa Fe. Many rooms have wood-burning fireplaces. With a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, this downtown hotel has all the conveniences you’ll need for a relaxing stay and is located just steps from the historic Santa Fe Plaza.
Address: 125 Washington Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-988-4900Toll Free1-855-752-9273

 More Information
Visiting Chimayo

Cultural Readings (also available for reading at the hotel)
Sabino’s Map: Life in Chimayó’s Old Plaza by Don J. Unser
Low ‘n slow: Lowriding in New Mexico by Jack Parsons & Carmella Padilla
The Centinela Weavers of Chimayó by Mary Terence McKay & Lisa Trujillo



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