Santa Fe Pet Parade – Where cute marches in the streets

Santa Fe Pet ParadeThe annual Desfiles de los Ninos, a child’s parade turned pet parade, is a staple of the Santa Fe Fiestas celebrations. September is an ideal time to visit this northern New Mexico city. It is the turn of the seasons… not too hot and not too cold.

You’ll enjoy a small town parade with some pretty creative entries. After all, Santa Fe is “the City Different” and home to artists, writers and movie stars.

September Parade
Look for the Desfiles de los Ninos in early September. It takes place between 9 and 10am on the Saturday morning of Fiestas. Around 8:30 you’ll see locals gathering for the parade. Men holding toddlers, women pushing strollers and lots of people with their dogs. Just watching the gathering is fun.

I arrived early and took a space under a tree just in case it rained on our parade. The woman next to me brought two small dogs, both dressed up for the parade in glittery regalia. Little girls were drawn to their pink and purple costumes and played with the dogs until the parade started.

Eagerly anticipated, the parade began with Santa Fe Police riding shiny motorcycles, lights flashing. They were followed by young ROTC cadets (this is a children’s parade), and then the joy began.Santa Fe Pet Parade

What You’ll See
It seemed like every non-profit, every school and every family had trotted out their pets and kids for the parade. Dogs in tutus, dogs riding wagons and dogs painted to look like punk rockers. The place was full of happy, friendly dogs. This parade was sure to make you smile!

But it wasn’t just dogs… there were pets galore. A girl carried a plastic tub with water and pulled out her large turtle as she marched along. There were chickens, geese, guinea pigs and a lizard. The kids were having a ball.

As the groups marched we enjoyed some fanciful bands, a juggler, a tap dancer and a troop of children from a Karate class doing high kicks.

Santa Fe Pet ParadePhotos of the Parade
If you want to attend an event and be assured of leaving with a big smile on your face, this is the one to see!

It is part of the fun of Santa Fe Fiesta. Here are our photos of the 2011 event.

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Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose


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