Fall craft festival in Ocean Grove, NJ

Fan plaques and religious plaques

The fall festival in Ocean Grove, New Jersey is a staple every year.  Approximately 400 crafters from all over New Jersey and nearby states participate in this craft show.

Annual Fall Craft Show in Ocean Grove

The annual craft festival is always celebrated on the Saturday of the Labor Day Weekend.   The town’s folk and people from all over wait patiently for this special day on Ocean Pathway, between Ocean Avenue and Pilgrims Pathway, that leads you to the Great Auditorium where craft vendors bid for this prime location.

There are also crafters that collect sea glass in beautiful colors and use the glass to make earrings (see in the picture below).  These earrings make an excellent gift for the women who has everything.

Earrings made from sea glass

One of the vendors takes old furniture, sands it down, gives it a fresh coat of paint and adds a beach scene.  You can find occasional tables, shelves and many other pieces of furniture of interest for your home.

An old end table turns new at the hands of a craft artist

Old end table turns new at the hands of a craft artist

Although it takes a lot of time to visit every vendor down the entire Pathway, you could always decide to take a break. There are several restaurants two blocks over from the Great Auditorium for tired shoppers to take a break.

More jewelry crafts

More Jewelry crafts

Nagle’s is an inexpensive hamburger/omelet/ice cream kind of restaurant on Main Avenue in downtown Ocean Grove.  While Bia’s at the Majestic Hotel  is also downtown Ocean Grove on Main Avenue, it tends to be a bit more pricey. However, it has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for inside or outside dining.   Don’t forget Day’s Ice Cream, right across from Auditorium Park, with an open porch and lots of sitting area.  Day’s Ice Cream is a good place to take a break and enjoy a tempting dessert.

The best part of the day is the free shuttle bus that takes you back to your car’s location, or wherever you need to be dropped off in Ocean Grove.

The Ocean Grove shuttle

Ocean Grove shuttle

If you think the annual craft show looks like fun, next week, Saturday September 10th, the Annual Fall Flea Market will be in the same place on Ocean Pathway between Ocean Avenue and Pilgrims Pathway.  Vendors of antique furniture and all sorts of memorabilia will be out there rain or shine.  Don’t miss this exciting adventure that leads us into the Fall Festival of entertainment in Ocean Grove.

Photos:  Patricia Florio


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