Wednesday is matinee day in New York City

If you’re in the New York City area, or planning a trip to the Big Apple, remember Wednesday is matinee day. Most shows start at two o’clock or two-thirty.  And there’s a variety of shows right now on Broadway to see.

Half price tickets can be purchased at tkts booths in the center of Broadway  on 46th Street.  Get there early on a Wednesday, at least by noontime, for the “two-fers:” get two tickets for the price of one regular ticket.

Bleacher seats have been set up purposefully for people watching.  It’s really an awesome addition!

TDK half price tickets

Broadway in front of the TDK booth

Mama Mia is celebrating its tenth year on Broadway.  The Lion King is still a favorite and a wonderful play to take children to see.  Billy Elliot featuring Elton John’s music rocks the house on a daily basis. I hear Memphis is so terrific it will bring you to tears.

Today we treated ourselves to Priscilla Queen of the Desert.  This is a wonderful musical that’s a lot of fun for the performing actors and the participating audience.  The voices of all the actors will astound you.  The costumes are so bizarre and colorful, you know Bette Midler’s talent as the producer is all over that stage.  People got so involved in the show, they didn’t want it to end.

The Palace Theater

The Palace Theater

Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera

There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, coffee bars and other things to keep you occupied if you’re thinking of planning a trip into New York City.  We went to Carmine’s Lengendary Restaurant on 44th Street and Broadway, an old standard, family-style Italian restaurant and bar that serves the best hot antipasto in town.  Make reservations if you’re think you want to eat by five or six o’clock.  Once the evening shows start, Carmine’s is all yours.

Try several shows and restaurants this season while you’re visiting New York City.  But by all means, save your Wednesdays for the matinees.  It’s a real whoot in the summertime!


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