Santa Fe’s market scene – Spanish Market

Colcha Embroidery

Colcha embroidery and tin work.

Summer is market time in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Annually, the last weekend of July, visitors and locals enjoy the colorful Spanish Market representing the arts and handcrafts of New Mexico’s Hispanic population.

Spend a weekend on the Plaza and surrounding streets listening to Spanish-inspired music. Shop the 200 booths of both traditional and contemporary Spanish art, and relax at an outdoor cafe for some great people watching.

Traditional Spanish Market
The Spanish Colonial Arts Society supports the annual July Spanish Market which features art forms that evolved from the presence of the Spanish Colonial

Spanish Market in Santa Fe

Beautiful tinwork at the Spanish Market.

 conquistadors and settlers in the New Mexico region via Mexico in the 1600’s. These art forms are utilitarian but also pleasing to the eye. Most art you will see at Spanish Market reflects the strong sense of faith that these settlers brought with them.

You will see beautiful tin work, weaving, painted retablos, bultos and santos, as well as detailed straw inlay work on wood, hand-made furniture, colcha embroidery and so much more. The families that do this work are most often descended from the original settlers. The art styles have been handed down through generations. These pieces are snapped up by collectors and those who want a Southwest or Santa Fe look to their homes.

This year the Spanish Colonial Arts Society is featuring “Innovations Within Tradition,” which allows the artists to be innovative and explore works of art that remain grounded in the artistic expressions of the past, yet are updated and reinterpreted for modern tastes.

Contemporary Spanish Market
Just adjacent to the traditional market you’ll find some more contemporary work. The Contemporary Hispanic Market provides New Mexico Hispanic Artists an opportunity to exhibit their work and to give both the casual and serious collector a rare opportunity to meet and visit with some of the most respected Hispanic Artists currently creating art in New Mexico.

All artists, just as with the traditional market, are from New Mexico Hispanic families. The difference is that there are no requirements that the art be grounded in tradition.

Carved Wood Skeleton

Huge carved wood skeleton wows visitors at the Santa Fe Spanish Market.

The Market is held outdoors on Lincoln Avenue. There will be 134 booths this year.

Come to Spanish Market
During Spanish Market week, there are many events offered. In addition, you can visit the Museum of Colonial Art on Museum Hill.

The market is open Saturday 8 am to 5 pm and 9:30 am to 4 pm on Sunday. At 8 am on Sunday there is a special mass and procession for the artists with the market opening shortly therafter.  The Spanish Market  is free to the public. Parking is minimal and so a shuttle service is offered.

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