Monmouth County, where the Jersey Shore begins

Map of Monmouth County


Monmouth County encompasses approximately twenty miles of beachfront along the Jersey Shore, beginning at the Atlantic Highlands and snaking its way down to Manasquan, with all the other towns in between.  Each town has its own brand or logo that’s easily recognizable on car bumpers and car windows.  It’s a pride sticker that displays the initials of the town,  AH for Atlantic Highlands, or OG, for Ocean Grove. 

Frequent renters make their shore arrangements either before they leave in the summer, when they come down in dead of winter to rent with local realtors or on a referral basis.  Craigslist is also a good source for renting at the Jersey Shore.  Those of us who live at the shore roll out the red carpet for our summer visitors. 

The Atlantic Highlands, where the Jersey Shore begins, starts at Sandy Hook beaches.  This seven-mile stretch of beach is a popular summer getaway for New Yorkers and Staten Island residents as it is the closest exit off the Garden State Parkway, Exit 117. 

Gateway National Park


Sandy Hook houses the Gateway National Recreation Area.  It offers ocean beaches, concessions, changing areas and protected bay areas. Most of Monmouth County beaches have wheelchair accessibility.  For more information for people with disabilities visit Monmouth County’s beach site. 

The park includes a visitor center and trails for walking and biking.  While body surfers enjoy the ocean waves, the bay side is perfect for wind surfing, kayaking and parasailing.  Clothing is optional at secluded Gunnison Beach. 

A Meal at Doris & Ed's

Mussles in red sauce


The restaurants in the Atlantic Highland area are a mixture of fine dining and fast food destinations.  The more popular Doris & Ed’s is considered a “Classic and Contemporary Seafood Oasis.”  The restaurant has won awards every year and was Zagat rated in 2010. 

There are great views from the Highland’s Mount Mitchell Park overlooking New York City.  The park is also the site of the 9/11 Memorial for Monmouth County  which is a tribute to 147 men and women who were either born, raised or residing at the time in Monmouth County and who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. 

This is just the beginning of the Jersey Shore.   There’s many more miles in Monmouth County of the Jersey Shore to go, one for every week of spring and summer. 

Look for my next article to see where we’re going next, because there’s always more to explore on the Jersey Shore! 

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Doris & Ed’s
348 Shore Drive
Atlantic Highlands, NJ.
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