Asbury Park, New Jersey: where great things are happening

Asbury Park, New Jersey is considered a precious jewel in the crown of the Jersey Shore.  It’s so exciting to walk down Cookman Avenue and see everything new that’s going on.  If you haven’t been to the shore area of Asbury Park in the past ten years, you’ll be amazed at the transition that has taken place.  For town folk, we’ve waited a long time to be part of the ongoing revitalization of Asbury Park.  

It’s not just Cookman Avenue that’s the draw.  It’s many of the surrounding blocks where owners have taken a chance and opened a restaurant or an art gallery or a jazz club.  There are so many new businesses opening every month, Asbury Park is going to be  even better than it was before.  

Plan B, Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ

Cookman Avenue is now called the “art-bloc” of Asbury Park where Plan B Restaurant and The ShowRoom, right across the street from each other, have partnered up on Thursday evenings to serve a prix fixe, or priced fixed, dinner and a movie. 

The ShowRoom is an independent theater or movie cinema in Asbury Park.  They have also partnered up with several other restaurants, like the Tides, Trinity & The Pope,  and Tim McLoone’s Super Club for prix fixe  dinner specials.  Please check out their web sites for more information and dates of the dinner/movie events. 

The ShowRoom

While you’re in town, take a stroll on the boardwalk.  There you’ll see the Stone Pony.  It’s the old home-base of  Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street Band.  It’s where it all started for Bruce over forty years ago.  There are many attractions along the boardwalk that are new, like miniture golf and a water park for the kids.  Of course there are some old favorites as well, like the Paramount Theater, a nostalgic place for those of you who have been to Asbury Park in its heyday.  Now that spring and summer are just around the corner, come to the Jersey Shore and let us show off our  “new and improved” Asbury Park, the family fun place. 

Tilly, the face of Asbury Park, NJ

Restaurant Plan B in Asbury Park

McLoone's Supper Club, Asbury Park

Photos:  Patrica Florio

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