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Bell Rock Vortex - SedonaWhat is a Sedona vortex?
Sedona, Arizona, with its magestic red rocks, has long been a spiritual center. There is evidence of human habitation in the Sedona area from about 4000 BC when hunter-gatherers roamed and settled in the Verde Valley and Prescott areas.

Between 900 and 1350 AD, a more advanced civilization began building pueblos and cliff houses. Known as the Sinagua (without water) they were proficient in farming, had an understanding of astronomy, and made baskets, pottery and jewelry. They established trade routes with the peoples of the Pacific coast, Mexico and Central America. (History courtesy: City of Sedona

Sedona has long been recognized as a center of spirituality. When talking about this spiritual draw or energy, the term vortex keeps coming up. There are recognized vortex sites in Sedona where people actually feel the energy. We’re all familiar with funnel-shaped vortexes. A tornado is a storm vortex. Whirlpools in water are water vortexes (or vortices). So imagine, if you will, strong spiritual energy.

There are spots believed to be so strong that the energy is whirling as in a vortex. There are many explanations for this but I just prefer to leave it with…. “There are many things in the universe we don’t understand.”

Sedona Vortex Sites
Airport Mesa
– Airport Mesa is the most accessible site from the Uptown area of Sedona. The site offers panoramic views. To find this short vortex hike – From the 89A / 179 roundabout, .take 89A west 1.1 mile; turn left on Airport Road for 0.5 miles. The trailhead parking lot is on your left. Map

Just past the parking lot for the vortex, is the location where many people gather at sunset. The sunsets from this observation site are amazing.

After your hike or sunset viewing, consider driving up the rest of the road to the airport. You’ll find the Sedona Airport Restaurant (currently being renovated – 2010).

Bell Rock –  At the Village of Oak Creek, you’ll find this Sedona landmark and vortex site. The rock has an easily identifiable bell- shape. There is a 5 mile loop trail. Hikers tell me that the energy is strongest as you climb up. Map

Boynton Canyon – The canyon is a site for annual Native American ceremonies. The vortex is off Dry Creek Road in West Sedona. The hike is a longer one and can take two to three hours to complete. Map

Cathedral Rock – This site is located on Lower Red Rock Loop Road. It is one of my favorite sites and is aCathedral Rock Vortex - Sedona photographer’s dream. The cathedral-like structure rises above Oak Creek and at certain times of the day can reflect in the creek, providing an amazing photo opportunity. Cathedral Rock is accessed via Red Rock Crossing Park and Crescent Moon Picnic area. (fee).

List of Sedona Vortex Sites

Vortex Tours
Many jeep tour operators have vortex tours. Some are led by genuinely spiritual people who have personally experienced vortex energies and seek out the sites for meditation. Other guides will take you to the sites but know only superficial spiritual information. Ask a few questions, read their websites and select a tour that meets your interests.

Here are some companies that will take you on a vortex tour:
Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours
Sedona Vortex Tours
Sedona Herb Walks and Vortex Tours
Crossing Worlds Journeys and Retreats
Private Guides – Mr. Sedona
Arizona Safari Jeep Tours
Red Rock Jeep Tours

Understanding the Vortexes of Sedona
I have to say, I am drawn to Sedona. I feel peaceful when watching the sunset or dawn over the beautiful Red Rocks. Sedona is a spiritual place. Does this mean that the strong spiritual energy is drawing me? I don’t know. There are many theories about the vortexes. I have to say, they remain theories and no one knows for sure, in detail, how the vortexes work.

More Information:
Printable Vortex Map

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose


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