Cupcakes? Mirabelle’s in Burlington, Vermont

Chocolate Curl

College students, as a group, can be very judgmental. They are very wise, and they know good things. In Burlington, a college town, they are unanimous in their judgment of Mirabelle’s as a great place for breakfast, lunch, and pastries, but how are they for Cupcakes?

Unannounced, my husband and I slipped in around 1:00 p.m. for lunch. This was a test. Are the waitresses cheerful and polite? Tessa smiled – so far, so good. We told her we only had two quarters in the meter so we’d need to eat quickly. Tessa smiled.

I couldn’t see the blackboard for the specials, so Tessa read them to me – patiently, and repeated the ingredients of the salad. Tessa now flashed a big smile and said that was her favorite.

She brought out salads quickly, smiling. I asked her what the banging noise was. She didn’t know but went to find out and returned telling us it was the baker tapping the cakes out of the pans. After that, we didn’t notice the tapping. We were still incognito.

We looked at our watches; meter was about up. Husband reached for wallet, pulled out a dollar bill and Tessa quickly asked, “Do you need quarters?” Mission accomplished, we could now relax, still in mufti.

Salad Specia

We paid the bill via VISA – no Discover sadly. Then, I pounced! I had sent them an e-mail the night before saying I’d like to come take some photos for an article on cupcakes, but that was all the advance information they had.

Oh, my! The most appealing to my taste was the one with thundering curls of chocolate sitting atop a coffee swirl.

To be honest, Mirabelle’s is not a Cupcake shop. It is a fabulous café in downtown Burlington, only steps from Church Street. Unlike many of Burlington’s coffee shops and other hangouts for the computerazzi, who sit glued to a table denying space to walk-ins, Mirabelle’s is a pleasant breakfast and lunch spot with plenty of tables, all looking out on Main Street through a clear glass facade. The clientele is less college students and more professors and associates; both with good taste.

Bakery triumphs fill the glass showcases, behind which you catch a view of the vast kitchen with gleaming pots and pans. The dining section is to the right. Cheerful yellow walls are hung with matted and framed photos of Vermont scenes – all very tastefully displayed.

I am grateful this search for cupcakes turned up such a delightful addition to the Burlington culinary experience. Where have I been the past ten years? Now, I know and love, Mirabelle’s!

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What made the salad so special? Ingredients: mesclun greens, pink grapefruit sections, warm pitted dates, pistachio nuts, pomegranate seeds, and chevre cheese, served with a light vinaigrette dressing.


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