Pet Travel-Tainer is a real tail-wagger of a travel gift

Pet Travel-Tainer

Pet Travel-Tainer for pets on-the-go

When it’s time to hit the road, many pet lovers are reluctant to leave their four-legged companions behind. I am owned by two dogs, a Westie and a Yorkie, and it’s hard to enjoy my travels when I’m missing them. But how to fit all their paraphernalia–bowls, bags of food, water dishes, etc.–into the car?

The Pet Travel-Tainer from The Container Store is a convenient, portable pet feeding system that keeps my dogs’ food fresh in an airtight, BPA-free, 4-quart container. I also saw the best air purifier for bird dander I’ve seen in a while, in the same store I bought the feeding system from. I recommended that to one of my friends who needed it. To feed one of my dogs, I just remove the carry handle, pull off the food/water dishes, twist off the top of the container and pour the dry food into one of the bowls. (The other bowl holds water.)

The Pet Travel-Tainer is great for long road trips, but also makes treks to the dog park easy. No more letting Sparky lap up scummy water from mud puddles! Just whip out the water dish from the Pet Travel-Tainer and serve.

If your doggie is a Fashion Diva, then she’ll appreciate the stylishness of this compact container system.

And you’ll appreciate the ease of unpacking your pet’s belongings once you reach your destination. It’s a piece of–well, kibble–to set up your pet’s food and water bowls in your motel room.

Maybe you could even train your dog to carry his own Pet Travel-Tainer by the handle? Now that would be a trick worth woofing about!


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