Travel gift of 4Gs in a thumbnail

Take your file cabinets with you.

In the space of your thumbnail, you can pack this new mini-flash stick packed with 4Gs of vital information. If you get sick, your medical records are on it. Have photos to show the relatives? By the time you show the whole stick, they’ll be asleep.

Seriously though, for under $10.00 this will hold all your travel data: reservations, train and plane schedules, money conversions, and phone number for consulate offices. Load it with your address book, and names of restaurants; anything that is on your computer.

It’s invaluable if you have forgotten what date you are due at that Paris hotel. Remember the old “This is Tuesday, it must be Rome” – or the other way around. Just find a computer, plug it in and the information is yours. Even in a public library. Just be sure to log out to keep your data secure.

  • Ultra-compact, Micro Swivel USB Flash Drive
  • Compatible with most PC / MAC laptop and desktop computers with available USB port
  • Ultra-compact design allows you to easily store, transport and share your favorite images, music and documents
  • Plugs directly into your USB port without cables or adapters
  • No more lost caps thanks to the Micro Swivel Attaché?s capless design
  • It is the equivalent of taking four or more file cabinets with you, and all so teeny.


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