Holiday gift of yourself – Priceless

Anything I can do for you while you’re away?

The bags are packed, mail and newspaper are stopped, heat’s turned down, the plants are…Oh, no! Who’s going to water the plants?

Think of all the fussy details needing attention when you go away for a few days or a few months.  Think what it would mean to the travelers if you offered to manage these for them.

Recently, a NYC commuter living in Connecticut, arrived home one evening to find her window box bursting with holiday cheer; gift from a neighbor. That’s just an example of the many thoughtful deeds you can do.

If it’s feeding the cat, draw a picture or find a card and write a note telling what you will do.

There is a common bit of advice, “Always give what you would like,” What is the lingering concern you have when away from home? There! You have just come up with the perfect gift.


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