17 Annual Carolina Renaissance Festival

Looking for something fun to do this fall?  Visit the 17th Annual Carolina Renaissance Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This renaissance festival is held outdoors every weekend and features tons of exciting shows, games, music, and activities for the entire family.

Visitors to the Carolina Renaissance Festival are not required to wear costumes, but there numerous festival attendees who dress in a variety of costumes including wizards, wenches, belly dancers, royalty and even a Scottish Stormtooper who wears a denim kilt.  Guests who do not have a costume can purchase costumes at many of the stores throughout the festival or they can rent one from one of the stores near the festival entrance.

The Carolina Renaissance Festival is full of laughs with the festival’s entertainment.  Many of the festival’s humorous entertainment includes the hilariously naughty Tortuga Twins, the side-splitting Pirate Shantyman & Bonnie Lass and the entertaining insults of the Ded Bob Sho (yes, that is the correct spelling).  Some of the shows are not suitable for children, so parents should check out the schedule of events and avoid the ones listed as “loose cannon” (LC).

Festival attendees can also enjoy a variety of story, musical and dance performances throughout the festival grounds.  At the Musical Pavilion, visitors can enjoy the musical stylings of Rosewood Guild, Drums & Drones, Rambling Sailors and The Irish Rogues.  Pay a visit to Middleshire Grove and listen to Lady Rose and the Living Music Box as well as Artiste Du Jour and the Tales of Gypsy Violet.  Those who are interested in the exotic should travel to The Dutch Door and watch the Jewels of the Caravan belly dance show.

What would a renaissance fair be without a jousting tournament?  Visit The Hanton Lees Action Theater and watch as the three-part jousting tournament unfolds.  The first joust is “A Joust for the Queen’s Favor” which starts at noon.  At 2:30, visitors watch in amazement as the jousters face off in “A Tournament of Champions”.  Final, at 4:15 there is a final tournament called “A Joust to the Death” where jousters recreate a joust to the death.

This renaissance festival is also an artisan marketplace full of handmade crafts, stylish clothing, and an assortment of foods and drinks.  The handmade crafts include glassware, leather, bronze decorations and metalwork, artistic paintings and drawings, sculptures, and more.  Most of the clothing is related to the renaissance, but visitors can also buy their own belly dancing outfit at the Jiva stand.  Since outside food and drinks are banned at the renaissance festival, visitors should expect to spend some money on turkey legs, fish and chips, or even some alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages.

The 17th Annual Carolina Renaissance Festival is currently in progress every weekend and continues until 5 p.m. November 21st.  Admission into the renaissance festival is $20 per person.

Guest Writer: April Trent
April TrentApril Trent is a part-time radio announcer, part-time marketing communications student, freelance writer, and avid traveler. She has traveled to many cities throughout North America and Europe and even spent a semester abroad in England to study media. When she is not on the radio, she is researching new ways for young adults to travel on a budget. You may visit her website at www.amtrent.com


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